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About us

Established in 1992, the company Gozdič d.o.o. has consolidated its position in the Slovene economy both as a buyer and retailer. It operates in the field of preparation and processing of game meat. Its central mission is the preparation of fresh and frozen meat, along with the manufacturing of a wider range of top-quality products that give the end consumer the possibility to chose and make changes to their everyday nutrition as well as contribute to the continuous growth of the company.
At first, production facilities at Gozdič were planned for small-scale work methods. Later, we expanded our business to a larger range of production, trying to satisfy the needs of foreign markets as well by offering high-quality products that suit even the most demanding customers. This is why we brought our production facilities into compliance with the EU veterinary requirements, and with new opportunities arising in foreign markets, we offered our products to buyers outside Slovenia.
Production takes place in two main steps. The first one comprises the skinning, cutting, boning and packaging of meat, whereas the second one deals with the products themselves, comprising the preparation of all ingredients as well as the manufacturing, smoking, drying and packaging of products. From the very beginning of our business, the basis of our production are traditional recipes, manufacturing processes, smoking and drying, which is why the manufacturing of a dried meat product can take up to 3 or 4 months.
By developing new products in our own production facilities, all of our employees have the chance to contribute to this process. The recipes and technology for the manufacturing of these products were developed entirely by the company itself and are its property. Good relations with buyers are a great competitive advantage and a basis for a firm long-term position on the market. The years of our business operations have brought us experience that taught us just how important it is to approach the buyer using the following skills:
Response: a continuous view of buyers’ orders.
Reliability: delivery on time.
Being proactive: advising on the purchase.
Flexibility: adapting to the buyer. Although this might not always bring any short-term advantages, such ability brings long-term positive results.
In addition to that, it is also important to fully manage the quality, keep up with high hygiene standards and fulfil other demands of buyers and veterinary regulations.
To ensure the security, safety and health of our employees as the integral parts of the whole production process, we raise awareness of individuals and provide the necessary protection devices.
Furthermore, our responsible attitude towards the environment means we do not put any burden on it. We have an organized disposal of waste to be recycled, a separate waste collection and a system for the control of the outflow of water from the production facility.